Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Idea

Welcome to the Sequential Salon. This blog was created for aspiring comic artists (that's us) to share each other's current comic projects, to help us keep motivated and excited about our work and to bring back that sense of camaraderie and community.

I'm assuming everyone has read my email because how else would you know about this blog. Anyway, let me reiterate what my goal is for the Sequential Salon:

We gather in person once every 4 months, we talk, give feedback on each other's work and help each other stay motivated.

We make goals for our projects and try to meet them by encouraging, sharing and supporting each other regularly.

We share resources and information. If we see any cool tutorials, helpful websites, discover any cool art or artists, events, job opportunities, or just something awesomely inspirational we'll share it here.

We'll do creative exercises like '24 hour comics' (or variations of it) and post it online.

Lame? Maybe. If you can think of ways of making this more successful and interesting to you please post your ideas!

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