Monday, June 2, 2008

Sequential Salon Challenge!

Hiya Folks,

Just wanted to say thanks for coming to the recent salon meeting on Saturday. For those of you who could not grace us with your presence (you know who you are) here's what you missed.

One of the topics discussed was trying to get more productivity. Whether it's the usual unmotivated 'meh' feeling, busy everyday life or just feelings of 'I suck!, I suck ass, somebody chop off my hands and strike me blind!' These obstacles prevent us from finishing or even starting projects. We need to feel excited about art again, but how?

Well, here's one possible solution, a Sequential Salon Challenge! It's not mandatory, nobody is twisting your arm, but I thought it might be something fun to do and hopefully it may get those creative juices flowing.

The challenge is this:

For the doodlers, pick any movie or TV show that wasn't a comic first (no Sin City, Spider-Man, Batman, 300, etc). Take one scene and translate into a a single comic page. It doesn't have to be a super tight and finished page, just enough so you can distinguish the characters and read the dialogue (yes ,need those word balloons people!).

For writers, again, pick a scene from any movie or TV show that wasn't a comic first. Write a short scene that was not in the movie or write an short adaptation of it from a different character's vantage point (thank you Mike for the suggestion.) I don't know what would be an appropriate length for this would be 3-4 pages?

Here's an example of a movie that was adapted into a comic. This is the famous 'The first rule of Fight Club...' scene from, well, Fight Club. Drawn by Humberto Ramos for fun.

If this particular challenge isn't to your taste, here's another one.

Take a song and interpret that song into a single illustration or write a short story /poem based on it. It can be as literal or as abstract an interpretation as you want it to be.

I don't have any examples for this one but I think it will be quite challenging.

P.S. This is something that is supposed to be quick and fun so don't obsess too much over it!

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