Friday, August 8, 2008

Next Sequential Salon Meeting, August 30th!

Hiya peoples,

The next meeting will be on August 30th, Saturday at 12:00PM. Same place as last time!

Wow, 3 months really pass by quickly doesn't it? Well, we have 3 more weeks to finish that Sequential Salon Challenge that was posted a while ago. I... haven't even started yet, but that's what Red Bull and coffee was invented for. Looking forward to that.

For the writers, I suggest you upload a word or pdf document of your work, to the blog, two or three days before the meeting. It takes a while for everybody to finish reading one script and we lose time for critiques. Besides, I think it always takes multiple readings to get a good analysis of the work before you can start critiquing it.

If August 30th is an inconvenient time for most of you we can always reschedule. Email me at the sequentialsalon(at)

For the regulars, once I confirm that everybody can attend I'll send an email with the meeting address and time later.

For first timers who want to attend the meeting, also email me at sequentialsalon(at) for info.

See ya there!

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