Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free Model Drawing Sessions

Lynne, Bowie, (not sure if Carlos was there that day- it might have bee his B-day), and I were talking about taking some model drawing classes again.

Lynne knew of something that was like $60 a month (I'm not sure if I could front that right now, or if my work schedule will even allow me to go- work sucks!)

But for SVA Alumni there are FREE Model Drawing Sessions at the GW on 23rd every Tuesday (except Nov. 25th) until Dec 2nd (I just found this out today) - NOTE: I am unsure the time it did not say, it just said Tuesdays.

It might not be much but it's something.

You must have your Alumni card and a Photo ID to go.

Just thought some might be interested in this especially Lynne.

Wow my first Blog ( I think, at least), anyway, hopefully I'll jump on this more

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