Friday, January 23, 2009

Meeting Reminder

Because Lynne takes forever to write up an email, and is still jet-lagged from Hawai'i, and from staying up all night reading the entire Naruto series online in one sitting...and because I can't sleep and might as well do something productive before I forget about it...

The meeting scheduled for 12 PM Saturday, January 31st is still on, as originally mentioned here (click!).

You should receive a confirmation email from Lynne regarding the address & phone number to call to get buzzed in.

Be there, or taste our squirrely wrath!

We do have squirrely wrath, you know. It's one of our hidden "nature" things.

1 comment:

Carlos said...

Actually, she was debating posting it, since two people who shall remain nameless (Bowie, Warren)..oops did I type that?- will be suffering Squirrly wrath. But I guess you should talk to her, she was mentioning it yesterday during lunch.