Friday, November 6, 2009

Demon Hunter Kain: Nicole LaCroix Concept Art

Nicole LaCroix has been trained as a Demon Hunter since she was able to walk. She meets Kain and Zandalee later in the series and at first is unimpressed by the pair. Later, as she witnesses Kain in action, her impressions about him begin to change as do her feelings. In the case of Zandalee however her impression has only gotten worse. Nicole considers Zandalee to be a nuisance and a liability, meanwhile Zandalee considers Nicole to be the greatest thing since Wonder Woman.

I always envisioned Nicole as one of those girls that other girls and older women outwardly liked, yet inwardly loathed. She has the confidence, the attitude, the youth, the soft, firm and curvy body that both men and women would kill for, she's an A student, athletic, etc. She's pretty much perfect, or so it seems.

As with my other designs these are not etched in stone.

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