Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Howdunit Series

It seems I've been posting a lot of art reference stuff but not much for the writer. So here it is.

Here is a great collection of writer's reference books called the Howdunit Series.

It's more for the Crime, Murder, Mystery writer but I'm sure it will be helpful to some of us Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre junkies as well. I've never actually read the books (I flipped through one very quickly a long time ago) but it was recommended to me by one of the Bat-editors at DC Comics (Jordan Gorfinkel, I think?) Whether you want to know what the proper police procedure for arresting a suspect, how to track a missing person, or knowing the correct number of poison mushrooms it takes to kill a man, this series apparently has the answers.

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sara said...

these books are brillent i love it its shows you so much about stuff and tells what the polics and that use.