Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sequential Salon Update

Some what belated, but better later than never update. We had our first official meeting on November 3rd and it went quite well. Carlos and Bowie had a crack at my Cintiq, and Jeff was semi-comatose on my bed from his usual lack of sleep.

We all went around discussing our current personal projects. Bowie his web comic to be, Kain, Jeff his blog article on, So You Wanna Make Comics, Eh?, Carlos' fantasy comic, Title Pending and my fantasy comic, coincidentally also Title Pending.

The feedback I got was immensely helpful and I hope that everybody got something out of it too. I mean, I could have never been able to think of a chipmunk sidekick that can store massive amounts of deadly weapons in his cheeks by myself. Thanks guys!

The next meeting is tentatively on January 27th, 2008. Spread the word y'all and post some stuff from your projects on the blog.

See ya at the next meeting!

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