Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Parka Blogs: Art Book Lists

I love art books but one can't go buying them willy nilly or else you end up with a bookshelf overflowing with them. I usually like to spend a day at the bookstore carefully flipping through them before I make the decision to add it to my permanent collection. Unfortunately, time is scarce and it's been weeks? No, months since I've been in a bookstore. Booo.

Enter Parka Blogs. Parka, real name Teoh Yi Chie, reviews art books. Not only does he review the content of the book and the quality of the printing he accompanies the review with clear, well shot photos and sometimes even a quick video flip through which really shows how much bang you'll be getting for your buck. Above is a video flip through of the Will Eisner's Expressive Anatomy for Comics.

If you like his reviews and are thinking of buying one of the books he covered, try to buy it through his site (it links to where he gets a commision.

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Jeff said...

This guy is my new hero.