Sunday, June 6, 2010

Elektra Redux



So, I re-drew the illustration of Elektra I did three years ago. I wasn't happy with the original, especially the face.

So hopefully this is a much better drawing of Elektra. However, last week when I visited a friend's place, his 8 year old said, "I like the old one better".

Straight out of the babe's mouth. What do you think? Does the newer illustration lack the 'spark' or 'charm', or whatever you may call it, the original had?


FJH said...

The new shows a silhouette that helps define the character and increasing the contrapposto in the figure really amps up the dynamic look of this drawing. Great improvement over the original.

Sara said...

I really like your new illistration. The hip movement is exagerated so perfectly. I kind of liked the ribbons from the old wings but they still look spectacular. Good Job