Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman's new design

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Jim Lee brings us another stinker. He's never designed a superhero (or other) costume that has been GOOD.

I like that they finally decided to ditch the thong and cover her legs. The belt is pretty nice too, but a bit ornate.


Shitty 1990s bolero jacket, with shoulder pads.

Microscopic emblem/logo. In life, we're supposed to leave symbols to the symbol-minded. In comics, superheroes ARE symbols.

Undefined boots. They seem to be part of bland techno-pantyhose. That midnight blue/black is overpowering and needs to be broken up.

Lack of stars. Three little stars on the shoulder pads don't ever stand out.

The choker is fucking stupid, as is the crown redesign.

The wrist gauntlets, like the belt, are too detailed, and too busy with colors.

What do YOU think?

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