Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Demon Hunter Kain Characters: Kain Smith

Kain Smith is not your average 15 year-old. He comes from a long line of Demon Hunters and he’s taken on the duties of his predecessors to protect the weak and atone for a past sin. These are preliminary designs for Kain.

The first design (Kain in blue), was and early design done back in 2001! Yeah people this character has been with me that long, hell, longer than that

The second design was done back in 2005, I liked it so I didn’t mess with it until recently when the problem of how Kain is supposed to protect his identity arose.

In order to help conceal his identity, I came up with the third design. I gave him clothing that had distortion enchantments woven into the material. The enchantment has a field of influence (A radius of one mile). When standing outside this field an onlooker will see a man in a mask dressed all in black running around. However when within the enchantment’s field of influence onlookers will see different things, some might see just a man, others a child, it varies by individual and how the enchantment affects them.

Just so you know these designs are not set in stone and I am still revising them to this day. Hopefully sometime real soon I’ll have a Kain design that I’ll be truly happy with.

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