Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Demon Hunter Kain Characters: Zandalee “Zee” Joseph

Zandalee “Zee” Joseph, is the first individual that Kain befriends at the beginning of the series. Zee has the ability to see and communicate with spiritual entities, although she doesn’t believe that what she sees are ghosts. Later on she gains other abilities. Kain meets Zee under unusual circumstances and reluctantly takes her under his wing and teaches her how to control her abilities.

I first envisioned Zee (The one in pink) as the plain girl next door. But later on I felt that she wouldn’t fit in with the other characters. I mean this is a young woman that’s been harassed by spirits for the better part of her life. Anyone in that situation would be antsy and antisocial, especially when said spirits tend to appear out of thin air and scare you, cause you to trip and fall and make a total fool of yourself in front of others. Having created these circumstances for the character, I conceived the design for the second Zee. She looks tired, her hair and clothing are a bit unkempt, she’s pale, and she has circles under her eyes. She’s the type of girl most people ignore or gossip about.

As with the Kain designs these are not etched in stone.

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Jeff said...

Unless she's wearing vinyl, clothes are not glossy. Tone down and soften those highlights in that top pic.