Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Demon Hunter Kain World: New Babylon

Blogging is new to me, so thanks for coming along for the ride and reading this. The next thing I want to talk about I want to talk about pertaining to my Demon Hunter Kain comic is the world where the story takes place: New Babylon.

New Babylon is situated on the east coast of the USA. Don’t ask me to point out exactly where, it’s a fictional state. Growing up on horror movies and TV shows like Scooby Doo and Clue Club I noticed that different locales added an air of suspense and eeriness to the film. So I had to create a world where all types of horrific events can take place among various backdrops: the small town that hides a dark secret from outsiders, The condemned building that sits silently on the city block during day but has weird events surrounding it at night, that lone stretch of highway where you drive down and are never heard from again, Werewolves prowl the valleys under a full moon, and winged creatures take flight under the cover of darkness. This is New Babylon, a place that anything that can happen, will happen.

Watching all those “mystery” cartoons I also gained respect for the back story of the villains and how they came to be. In fact I started to wonder how horror movie villains got their origins like: Why does Jason Vorhees stalk Camp Crystal Lake, unable to die? We know why he kills, but how did he come back from the dead with a big hulking body? Questions like these always puzzled me and no one tends to answer them. That’s why in my world all villains have to have some sort of history. Whether they were assholes or good people in life turned bad in death I will try to have an answer.

The majority of Kain’s investigations and battles take place in New Babylon. From its inception as a small town in the colonial days to its status as a state, New Babylon has been a place of dark deeds, mysterious disappearances, paranormal and supernatural activity. However these frightening events have gone unnoticed over the centuries due to various secret groups, organizations and cults covering up the truth. New Babylon is separated into eleven counties:

Haven Port
Forest Hill
Jacob Hills
Norman Ridge

These counties are all connected by various roads, highways and forms of public transportation. Each county has its own disturbing and checkered past; conspiracies, serial murders, human sacrifices, devil worship, ghost sightings and other noteworthy activities.

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