Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You know, it recently dawned on me that I’ve never explained what Demon Hunter Kain is. This gives me a chance to keep uploading and blogging.

Demon Hunter Kain is a comic book I’ve been working on and off since college. It was inspired by films and TV shows such as The Goonies, Monster Squad, Friday the 13th, Hell Raiser, Night Breed, Dark Shadows and various other horror movies and television shows I grew up on. I’ve recently begun to get a feel for the characters and their world again, especially since I’ve decided to make the book a web comic instead. By making it a web comic it saves me trying to find a publisher and I get to work at my own pace to make sure the stories are just how I want them to be.

Demon Hunter Kain revolves around a 15 year-old demon hunter named Kain. He resides in Caldwell county in the state of New Babylon, reputed by ghost hunters as being the most haunted state in all of North America. Kain secretly helps protect the people of New Babylon from the evil things that lurk in the shadows. He goes through the day as a normal teen although he shuns the friendship of others. At night we wages war on the supernatural risking his life to make a difference while secretly trying to make up for a harrowing event from his past. His world, however, takes an unexpected flip when he reaches out to and befriends Zandalee Joseph.

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